Caring for pygmy goats

There are various elements to caring for pygmy goats, including providing an appropriate paddock, accommodation, food, body care and goat-friendly toys. It's also useful to understand their habits, as well as how to make life easier for them during hot and cold weather, and how they can be protected from the noise of fireworks. All this info is provided below!

Please note the info below is not exhaustive; it's based on how Henry and Joey were looked after, and different circumstances may require different methods of care. If in doubt about the health of your goat and/or any urgent issues, contact your local vet and/or your local government agricultural department (DEFRA in the UK).

General info & health

Pygmy goat paddocks
Photo: The paddock, February 2011

Pygmy goat accommodation
Photo: CCTV camera system in the shed
Photo: The shed  Photo: Entrance to the shed  Photo: Joey sitting in front of the hayrack in the shed
(The shed; the shed entrance (with door open); the hayrack in the shed)

Pygmy goat food

Pygmy goat habits

Pygmy goat body care

Pygmy goat-friendly toys

Fireworks advice

Hot weather advice

Cold weather advice