Henry and Joey: Pet Pygmy Goats

Photo: Henry and JoeyHENRY was born on 29 January 1997 and died on 6 April 2013 (aged 16 years). JOEY was born on Christmas Day 1996 and died on 8 March 2007 (aged 10 years).

The Caring for pygmy goats section of this website is particularly useful for pygmy goat owners and people considering owning pygmy goats. It includes information on pygmy goat paddocks, accommodation, food, body care and habits, along with info about pygmy goat-friendly toys and info on how to look after pygmy goats during the winter season.

In 2009, I was a contestant on Channel 4 gameshow Deal or No Deal, and Henry was discussed during my show. To see video clips, click here.

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"Lovely site - informative and personal - well done!" - Lizzie
"Mine stand in the doorway of the barn and scream at me to feed them in the cold weather:)" - Sheila
"Hi David love all the pics and info on your web site it's great." - Vivian
"Hello from Ohio in the USA. Love hearing about how you care for your goats." - Erin

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